Telecommunication Construction

Modern telecommunication systems require significant infrastructure changes and construction upgrades that not all construction companies are equipped to handle. Pacific Transglobal’s construction personnel are licensed and certified to build state-of-the-art facilities that support information infrastructure to carry us into the future. Our diversified team of professionals, trained in radio frequency safety and awareness, are ready to upgrade existing construction or build from the ground up to meet the growing needs of the telecommunications industry. From continual service to emergency preparedness and disaster recovery, PTG is equipped to handle every phase.

Dedication and Expertise

Because people are our most important asset, we are committed to formal and on-the-job training to ensure their safety and yours. Our specialized work teams have undergone rigorous training and certification in all phases of cell site, switch room and DAS room construction. Our crews excel at state-of-the-art data center build-outs and surgical demolition and construction in sensitive spaces and know success is taking the time to familiarize themselves completely with the build site before any construction takes place.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Without data centers and DAS networks to maintain connectivity and support wireless communication, business as we know it would cease. During natural disasters, communications are often interrupted, but a sound telecommunications infrastructure plays an instrumental role in helping the community recover. PTG can help you prepare to rapid disaster response during an emergency with mobile generators, multiple redundancies for data centers and equipment. Prepare now and be ready before disaster strikes.

Telecommunications Engineering and Construction

Pacific Transglobal offers a full suite of design and construction services for the telecommunications industry, including:

  • Construction evaluation and inspection
  • Mobile generator trailer builds
  • Equipment outfitting for mobile telecommunications centers
  • Self-supporting towers
  • Tower modifications
  • Rooftop systems
  • Large and small cell sites
  • Materials procurement
  • Safe decommissioning of sites
  • Turnkey construction and security features